The Big Day

A beautifully customised ceremony to compliment your style and ceremony location, celebrating your commitment to each other in the grandest way.. or low key if you prefer.

Surprise &



Do you want to surprise your guests at a backyard gathering? Or are you wanting something a little different or off the beaten path? A surprise or a relaxed wedding can be such a fun and adventurous way to say 'I do'.


A ceremony with just you and your loved one somewhere special. Such an intimate and meaningful way to commit to your loved one. Please note: a legal ceremony is required to have two witnesses, who I can provide if needed.

Vow Renewal & Commitment Ceremonies



These non-legal ceremonies are ideal for couples who are already married and want to celebrate their amazing bond, or for those who want to commit to each other without legally registering the union.

Baby Blessingway

Celebrate an impending birth of a special little one with a meaningful and personal ceremony, nurturing the mother-to-be and celebrating motherhood.




Something different to a Christening, celebrate the birth and chosen name of a new little bundle, by making vows and commitments to baby in a beautiful ceremony.

Something Else?

Do you have someone or something else you'd like to celebrate with a carefully crafted ceremony?

I'd love to Help.

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